Why It's a Good Idea to Wash Your Car Often

January 12th, 2020 by

Every driver is familiar with struggling to peer through a dirty windshield while driving facing the sun. While this is certainly an aggravating situation, it can also be downright dangerous if you can't see the road ahead or any obstructions in it.

Keeping your car clean can help you to avoid an accident, and it can also save you money. Dirt creates aerodynamic drag, which causes your engine to work harder and use more gas to maintain a certain speed. Over time, this can add up to dollars at the gas pump, as your vehicle is 10% less efficient when dirty than when it's clean.

Tree sap, smashed bugs, salt, sand, pebbles, pollution and pollen all assail your car's finish, creating scratches and chips that set the stage for corrosion to take hold. You can fight these forces with a weekly wash, paying attention to touching up any chips and giving your car a nice coating of protective wax when it needs one.

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