The Amazing Hyundai Veloster N Arrives

August 12th, 2019 by

Hyundai made some sport-infused changes to the original Veloster. The Hyundai Veloster N presents a fast sports car in a compact package. The unique design allows the model to stand out from even the most impressive vehicles on the market.

The Veloster N went through testing on two of the toughest tracks available. A high-performance model won't benefit from testing on generic routes. Hyundai put extra effort into performance testings, and the results show. Look at how the model handles turning corners. The performance is exceptional.

The electronically controlled suspension and Pirelli P-Zero tires further reveal the incredible engineering artistry. The way the vehicle handles reveals how the tires and suspension do a brilliant job. Riding on the Veloster N is a unique experience. These two components play a significant role in creating the experience.

Learn for yourself how the Hyundai Veloster N handles on the road. Visit us at Red Rock Hyundai and take one for a memorable test drive.

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