Forever Promise

We are excited to announce the Forever Promise at Red Rock Hyundai. We are always committed to making the vehicle acquisition and ownership journey one that is Easy and worry-free.  The auto industry is changing because consumers want a better understanding of the pricing, purchase, and servicing process of their vehicles. In our way to honor this need for our customers, we developed the Red Rock Hyundai Forever Promise.

What Does The Promise Do?

  1. Transparency is the rule. We promise to provide transparent proposals when you are shopping for a new or used vehicle. We promise to show you on paper all of the facts, Figures, and Numbers concerning your car deal every time.
  2. Transparent Pricing. We promise that the pricing on is the price you will pay for your vehicle. This takes all the guesswork out of knowing what your vehicle will cost.
  3. Paperwork Transparency.  Will be provided to you with both a Paper and a digital copy of your paperwork.  A car dealership can generate 1,000 pounds of paperwork every month. By using digital storage we are able to do our part in conserving our natural resources. However, upon request, we will gladly print you a copy of every document you signed.
  4. Access to Platform manager, Mark Ingleby. He is a busy guy but he is never too busy to speak to one of his customers. Mark had the power to make any decision that affects his dealership and his customers.  Rest assured that if you need to talk to Mark about an issue or a concern, you will be able to speak with him.

Our Promise

We know one thing, people are smart, and we know that if we give you all of the facts and figures you need, you can make a good decision, That’s why we have this promise. It is all designed to save you TIME, help us to earn your TRUST, by being as Transparent as possible.