Your Car's Cooling System And How To Maintain It

Your vehicle's cooling system consists of three major components. Your vehicle has a radiator with a cap and hoses. Your vehicle's cooling system also has a water pump and a thermostat. If any of these three main components malfunction, your car may overheat. It's important to know the signs of coolant system problems and how to maintain the system.

One of the first signs that you will notice if your coolant system is malfunctioning is that your car's temperature gauge is at or near the red warning mark. Take action immediately if you notice that your car is running hotter than normal.

In order to make sure that your engine cooling system is operating correctly, you need to have some routine maintenance performed. When you get your vehicle serviced, always get your coolant level checked. You should have the coolant drained and refilled according to the schedule established by the vehicle manufacturer.

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