How to Make a Winter Survival Kit

These guide on building the perfect winter survival kit is brought to you by the team at Red Rock Hyundai.

Bring plenty of snacks or non-perishables in case you and your passengers are stuck in a cold vehicle for a long time. Things like peanut butter, granola, and cookies, can help with hunger cravings during this time.

In the event the time in a cold vehicle is going to be long, pack blankets or a sleeping bag so everyone can huddle for warmth.

A flashlight can be used to flag down motorists, light a dark cabin, or help with repairs that are needed in the dark. Be certain to pack plenty of fresh batteries in case you're in a disabled car for hours.

Pack a few gallons of water in the kit so that you'll never have to worry about getting thirsty as you sit in a stranded vehicle awaiting help to arrive.

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