At Red Rock Hyundai, we like to help our customers and others out by providing them with timely and detailed safety information. As the seasons change, a big issue for safety is visibility. Two keys to adequate visibility are clean external glass as well as wiper blades that are optimized for the season. Included in this list of optimized wiper blades are summer style blades and winter style blades.

Winter wiper blades are designed to prevent ice, snow, and other possible contaminants from getting into the inner works. To this end, winter blades employ anti-clogging technologies such as protective shielding, strong framing, and minimal moving parts. In addition, winter wiping blades use special synthetic rubbers that stay soft even under the coldest conditions. This allows the blades to remain pliable and retain their ability to clean windshields.

Summer blade design includes some important differences from winter blades. For one thing, most summer blades make use of traditional lattice designs which include many pivot points and light constructions. These allow them to move well during rainstorms and provide superior coverage during warmer weather. In addition, summer blades sport natural rubber tips that work well in warmer climates.

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