Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

At Red Rock Hyundai, we know that it's important to have the appropriate tires on your car or truck so that it can handle the driving conditions of different seasons. All-season tires are great for most driving conditions, but they don't grip the road as effectively as winter tires when driven on ice, snow, or other cold conditions.

Winter tires are created from a rubber compound that is softer and more flexible in cold conditions. This feature allows them to better grip the road in the winter. They also have a different tread pattern that is deeper and has more biting edges. They are also made with higher sipe densities to improve performance when driving on ice.

To minimize the wear on your tires in Grand Junction, it's important to replace your winter tires with all-season ones when it starts to get warmer outside. We're prepared to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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