Advanced Saftey Features of the Hyundai Ioniq

November 13th, 2019 by

Hyundai has strived to make the Ioniq the best hybrid on the market. One way they have surpassed the competition is by fitting it with advanced safety features to keep you and your family safe while you drive around Grand Junction, CO.

One of the coolest safety features of the Ioniq is its advanced high-strength steel frame. The frame makes good use of aluminum to keep the weight low and to increase efficiency. It also uses aircraft-grade structural adhesives to bind the materials together for a secure finish. This frame creates a cocoon that encapsulates your passengers in the event of an accident and keeps them safe. You can also get the Ioniq with automatic emergency braking that will try and prevent collisions, or at least reduce the severity of them.

The safety and well being of your family is a top priority of Hyundai and of Red Rock Hyundai. To fully see how safe the Hyundai Ioniq truly is, we recommend getting behind the wheel and taking it for a ride.

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